Freeing Up Time With BarMinder

Managing liquor inventory is often a pain point for bar and restaurant owners and managers. It is no doubt an important part of bookkeeping and financial management, but it takes valuable time away from other aspects of the business side of things that deserve more attention. Countless hours per year are spent taking inventory of liquor bottles at every bar and restaurant around the world. Managers and staff typically spend 3 hours per week counting each liquor bottle individually, and seeing how much is left inside. The BarMinder system frees up time for managers and staff to focus on the 3 main parts of the business side that need to be attended to. New recipes, marketing, and analyzing what’s working.

With more time, restaurants and bars are able to keep things fresh, and create new food and drink recipes. With the same old dishes every day for a long time, customers will eventually grow tired of the lack of new and exciting options. Having time to craft new recipes allows bars and restaurants to keep up with any new trends, and create excitement amongst anyone who may be dying to try a new fad. Utilizing seasonal ingredients is also a plus to new menu items, and allows the menu to keep up with the demands of customers who may want something more crisp in the summer, or heavy in the winter. Having new and marketable items is a great way to bring in new customers, but if time is wasted counting bottles, none of this is possible.

The BarMinder system frees up time for managers and staff to focus on the 3 main parts of the business side that need to be attended to.

Marketing is another focus that management and staff could be handling if their time is not used to tediously hand count bottles in the storage room. Restaurants in the current age will die very quickly without some sort of marketing presence, even if it’s just something simple. Getting the name of the business out to potential clientele is vital, and especially in the age where word of mouth can go a long way. But, with 3 hours a week taken away due to inventory, it can be hard for managers and staff to find the time to focus on that. All of their focus outside of inventory has to be spent within the confines of the 4 walls of the restaurant once their counts are done, as their inventory has robbed them of time. With the BarMinder system automatically counting and tracking the bottles and the liquor levels inside each one, management and staff can continue to focus on other aspects.

The final key aspect that can be given proper attention with the BarMinder system, is data analysis. In the hectic nature of the bar and restaurant industry, data analysis can get lost in translation. Between inventory, upkeep, customer service, and everything in between, there isn’t a lot of time leftover to check out trends within the business. Data analysis is arguably the most important of the 3 aspects though, as it can tell management what to keep ordering and serving, and what not to. If a menu item isn’t selling, that’s money wasted on ingredients ordered to make sure that dish is in stock. If nobody is ordering it, it’s a waste of money. These sorts of things slip through the cracks with no time to spend focusing on them, but implementing the BarMinder system changes that.

BarMinder is a comprehensive digital liquor inventory management system designed to withstand the demanding environment associated with bars. Combining automatic counts of bottles in storage with wireless free pour-like spouts that accurately measure pours to provide a complete picture of what’s happening in your bar, it does the tedious work for you and leaves management with more time to spend on the most important aspects of running a bar.

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