BarMinder: Proven Effectiveness

Increasing revenue, Decreasing COGS, and saving time so owners can make more money.

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The BarMinder system’s impact

Liquor inventory doesn’t just stop at counting bottles. It should continue with bottle pours and real-time tracking of everything you have in stock. BarMinder provides that to bar and restaurant owners looking to increase their profit margins.

Revenue is everything in the bar and restaurant industry. The BarMinder liquor inventory system maximizes it, and now has quantifiable proof showing the impact on the way business is done. Revenue Per Ticket went up with BarMinder’s implementation, and provided many ways to identify new staff training opportunities to save money in the future.

3 Levels of Impact

Increasing Revenue

The BarMinder digital liquor inventory system provided an increase in Revenue Per Ticket of over 18%.

Managing COGS

BarMinder kept COGS steady, and increased profit in our test bar.

Maintaining Tip Compensation Levels

BarMinder revealed that an increase in bartenders’ tips are correlated to number of drinks served, not free drinks.