Never Count Another Bottle.

Stop watching your liquor profits evaporate.


BarMinder™ automatically counts  every bottle until it goes in the trash to increase your profits.

Wireless Spouts monitor your drink pours and automatically pair themselves to liquor bottles.
No labeling or staff training necessary
Our Hub counts all the bottles in your storage room and keeps everything working 24/7, even if your internet goes down.
Cost effective

The BarMinder digital liquor inventory system’s accuracy and full bottle tracking drastically reduces shrinkage and eliminates the labor associated with liquor inventory management and bottle counting, providing an owner with a full ROI by the third month of use.


A drink at your bar should taste the same regardless of which bartender makes it. BarMinder™ gives managers powerful tools to make sure every customer gets a perfect drink, and keeps customers coming back for more.


More than a pour spout, the BarMinder liquor inventory system integrates state of the art technology to count bottles in storage as well as behind the bar. By combining software and hardware to automatically track individual bottles from when they enter the establishment until they’re empty, BarMinder provides a complete and controlled picture of your liquor bottle inventory.

BarMinder is a digital liquor inventory platform that combines automatic counts of bottles in storage with wireless spouts that accurately measure pours to provide a complete picture of what’s happening in your bar.

An inventory system built for REAL bars


Designed specifically for the demanding environment that comes with running a bar, our pour spouts withstand the harsh realities of bar operations yet can be conveniently washed in soap and water.


With a battery life of over a year, inventory will be monitored accurately and effectively, no matter how busy it gets.

Real Time

BarMinder provides an accurate, real time look at your liquor inventory. Not just a once a week count. By combining revolutionary wireless pour spouts with automatic counts of storage, BarMinder gives you a clear picture of your operations at all times.