Word of Mouth Never Goes Out of Style

For centuries, word of mouth is what kept bars running as staples of the community around them. Dating all the way back to the first bar ever recorded in the year 900 AD, the best way to keep regulars bringing foot traffic into the 4 walls of any bar is by getting people to tell their friends about it. The social media age may have changed many’s perception of how effective word of mouth can be, but it’s more effective now more than ever.

Before we go any further though, word of mouth the old fashioned way still matters. The community around any business is the backbone for success, and having a strong and growing customer base still matters in the daunting face of the scale of social media. We’ve discussed this in another blog, but nights with local musicians, trivia, and well made drinks with interesting menus can all provide opportunities for the community to invest in a bar (literally and figuratively) and create a favorite hangout spot for anyone looking for one. A night out at a friend’s suggestion that they visit frequently can often be the best nights out.

people drinking liquor and talking on dining table close up photo

The addition of social media into the dynamic of running a business can feel daunting to some, but it should be a welcomed sight. When used right, online word of mouth can reach far beyond the boundaries of the city or community. It can make any bar a destination to stop by on someone’s vacation from thousands of miles away. But, the question remains, what is the best way to do so?

There’s 2 ways to use social media to an advantage. The first, more manufactured way, is influencer marketing. Partnering with a prominent voice in the online food and beverage space can go a long way in creating a name and reputation for a restaurant or bar brand. Something simple like a short food review or a full blow endorsement can get the name of any place in the ears and heads of everyone they can reach on their platform.

The more organic way is creating a buzz with the actual product. Pretty cocktails and dishes encourage visitors to take photos and video of what they’re about to consume (as they say, the camera has to eat first). Customers will often geotag their location, posting essentially free marketing for their bar of choice that night. While the reach may not be as large, the cost effectiveness and ability to grow a local buzz can make up for that difference.

No matter which method makes the most sense for your business, there’s no doubt that social media and tech as a whole can be a huge leg up in the bar and restaurant industry, albeit a bit daunting. Choosing the right tech can make or break your bar. The BarMinder system is everything you’ve ever wanted for your bar. Streamlining your back of house operations with an efficient and easy way to do your liquor inventory, easing and keeping a consistent guest experience, and giving your team the time they need to maintain good customer relationships can all happen with the help of BarMinder. Centered on the revolutionary Smart Spouts, The BarMinder Inventory System tracks every bottle from when it enters the establishment until it goes into the trash. By combining data from the spouts about every drop being poured with real-time counts of every bottle in storage, BarMinder lets you never have to count another bottle of liquor. Ever. Just slap a sticker to the neck of the bottle and check it into the system, your inventory is complete and provided to you on the hub on location or anywhere in the world on your phone. No more incorrect counts, no more hours wasted on counting bottles, you and your staff can focus on caring for customers, and BarMinder will let you know when there’s something that can be done to improve your operations. Reduce shrinkage, reduce overhead, and make more money with BarMinder.

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