Care For Your Cocktails

four cocktail glasses on brown wooden surface

Cocktails are the heart and soul of any and every bar across the country. With countless different classics, interesting modern creations, and everything else in between, a good and well made cocktail will get feet in the door and fill the four walls of the bar with people. But, in order for that to happen, many things need to be done first. It all comes back to one characteristic though. Care.

Cocktails need to be cared for, on multiple levels. Starting at the menu level. Without a certain level of creativity in the specialty cocktail menu, it’ll be hard to get customers to come in. They won’t be flocking to your bar to drink a classic they can get anywhere else, so give them a reason to come. Bartenders need to be given some freedom in the creation or suggestion of new drink recipes and additions, and work with management to create the perfect menu. Your bartenders will know their customers and your bar inside and out, so they should have a hand in delivering great specialty cocktails to the customers they’re interacting with every day.

The other aspect that matters when caring for your cocktail menu, is the crafting of the cocktails themselves. The pours and crafting of specialty cocktails is the make or break of cocktail making. A well crafted drink is the difference between success and failure for a bar. Pouring drinks can’t be rushed, and the measurements and proportions need to be correct. This can be a steep learning curve for newer bartenders, or for old ones learning new recipes. It doesn’t have to be hard though, BarMinder is here to help.

woman bartender smiling while mixing liqueurs

Ensure your drinks are well crafted.

Centered on a wireless liquor pour spout, The BarMinder System tracks every bottle from when it enters the establishment until it goes into the trash. By combining data from the spouts about every drop being poured with real-time counts of every bottle in storage, BarMinder lets you never have to count another bottle of liquor. Ever. Just slap a sticker to the neck of the bottle, check it into the system and your complete inventory and usage is provided to you on the hub in your location or anywhere in the world on your phone.

No more incorrect counts, no more hours wasted on counting bottles. You and your staff can focus on caring for customers and BarMinder will let you know when there’s something that can be done to make more money. Reduce shrinkage, reduce overhead and make more money with BarMinder.

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