The Importance of Keeping a Bottle PAR

You and some of your employees did inventory on Monday, and everything was fine. Now though, it’s Friday and your bar is all out of vodka. With a big weekend coming up, and your inventory orders being due on Thursday, you’re screwed. These are the sort of things that, unfortunately, happen when your inventory is done once a week. To combat this, many bars and restaurants are just keeping large quantities of supply in the backroom, which gives your storage room more clutter, and costs a lot more money. Things don’t have to be this way though. Here’s how that previous scenario goes, but with BarMinder as your inventory system: It’s inventory day! You open your BarMinder app, and put in your inventory order on Monday. Thursday morning comes, and you check your app again to be certain you ordered what you needed. Right at the top of your screen, you’re shown that you’re unusually low on vodka, and you can get that in the order before it’s too late. The BarMinder system is easy to use, easy to learn, and easy on your pockets.

For those not in the know, a PAR is a set amount that your business should have in the stockroom at all times. It applies to every aspect of hospitality, but especially in bars. Having a set amount of bottles in the back can ensure that you can make any drink at any time upon customer request. Setting PARs is a valuable tool for any business, and can go a long way in saving your business from headache. PAR setting is made even more useful though, if you can gauge how much you have in real time. A PAR that is counted once a week is relatively useless, as it will result in no ability to check how quickly you are going through your bottles. Did they get used within a few days? Or was it over the entire week? Historical usage can be a good estimate for setting pars, but there’s plenty of variables that aren’t accounted for with this. Doing the math and averaging out how many bottles you use every month was a great way to do inventory in 1995, but times have changed. When times change, ways of doing business change with it. BarMinder is here to accompany you into the new generation of running a bar.

“When times change, ways of doing business change with it”

With the BarMinder system, you will be shown these answers in your app. The bottles with lower counts are sorted to the top of your screen each time you open your inventory, to give you the easiest access to see what’s being used, and how much. Paired with the wireless pour spouts that can track how much is being poured from each bottle, nothing will get past you again as a manager. You notice your count’s low, you get a heads up, and you put your order in. It’s really that simple. The times of leaving your business’s bottom line up to a PAR system are over, and it’s time to update your business to the modern age with BarMinder.

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