Minding The Employee Training Gap

The 2021 hiring market is a rough landscape. Somewhere in America, a 15 year old high school student was just hired to work a fryer. A freshly 21 year old college kid has just been hired to be a bartender, without ever having made a real drink in their life. The lack of experience in the businesses that can even find employees is astonishing, and ends up in many hours of training and teaching for these employees so they can properly do their new job.

With this amount of training and new staff, things are bound to fall through the cracks. Employment is a scarcity in 2021, and it can really affect your business. Whether it be undercharged customers, lost alcohol bottles, or your business’s order of operations being out of whack, there is so much teaching and training to do that it can feel like you can’t stay above water as an operator. Even just standard things in your business can feel out of the ordinary. Poorly made drinks, an unstocked backroom, and an inventory that hasn’t been counted and ordered are all commonplace things that can go awry quickly in a bar with a whole new staff. 

On top of all this, your new employees are going to need to be paid (obviously), and usually command a higher salary. They make more money than you’re used to, and you are losing money on the overuse of product. Prices of your drinks and food are going up, and your costs are going up hand in hand with that. 

“Operators are searching for answers on what to do, both to fix the employee shortage, and to save money”

With such a small margin for training error, operators are searching for answers on what to do, both to fix the employee shortage, and to save money. You could always try and just hire all the most qualified employees, but that still leaves a lot of training to do to show them how your business works inside and out. Many businesses are taking extreme saving measures, like no longer having promotional pens made, and getting rid of paper menus. These are things that add character to your business though, and most businesses would prefer to keep those.

For most businesses, the answer is automation. What can businesses automate, while still keeping the human element alive? The most common answer is liquor inventory. Many liquor inventories fail to solve the original problem though, which is the amount of training needed to show the ropes to new employees.

The BarMinder digital inventory system does just the opposite. It’s a simple solution to your inventory management woes, with almost no training required. All it takes is the application of a sticker-like tag to the neck of a bottle, and your inventory is at your fingertips. There is nothing for your employees to get caught up on, and they can focus on doing their jobs properly. The pour spouts don’t interfere with the experience of your staff, nor your customers, and gives you the data you need to keep up in the digital age.

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