Lean Into The Digital Age

Consumer demands and trends run the hospitality industry and lead the charge into the future. Without consumers after all, the industry itself would have no ground to stand on. And recent consumer demands show a preference towards more digital options to keep up with this digital age we find ourselves in. The digital options consumers are looking for in bars though, may surprise you.

Most of the recent digital age tech we see in restaurants and bars is to expedite the ordering process. Whether it’s QR code menus, online ordering via your phone, or ordering kiosks in the building, it can all be overwhelming to consumers who just want to order their food. According to a recent consumer trend report from me&u, 80% of those surveyed expect to see smart technology involved in hospitality going forward, while 85% feel that while technology can be useful, they feel venues are all about people and human interactions. 

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These numbers tell us that consumers are looking for technology to help make their experience better to some degree, they still want that interpersonal, human element to come with their night out as well. According to consumers, the ideal hospitality technology seems to be a perfect blend that makes your business’s operations easier, makes the experience more smooth for your customers, but still maintains the human element of running a bar. You owe it to yourself, and your customers, to deliver and maximize this blend with the BarMinder digital liquor inventory platform.

The BarMinder system is everything you’ve ever wanted for your bar. Streamlining your back of house operations with an efficient and easy way to do your liquor inventory, easing and keeping a consistent guest experience, and giving your team the time they need to maintain good customer relationships can all happen with the help of BarMinder. Centered on the revolutionary Smart Spouts, The BarMinder Inventory System tracks every bottle from when it enters the establishment until it goes into the trash. By combining data from the spouts about every drop being poured with real-time counts of every bottle in storage, BarMinder lets you never have to count another bottle of liquor. Ever. Just slap a sticker to the neck of the bottle and check it into the system, your inventory is complete and provided to you on the hub on location or anywhere in the world on your phone. No more incorrect counts, no more hours wasted on counting bottles, you and your staff can focus on caring for customers, and BarMinder will let you know when there’s something that can be done to improve your operations. Reduce shrinkage, reduce overhead, and make more money with BarMinder.

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Enhancing the Guest Experience with Training

One of the age old questions in the bar/restaurant sphere is “How can I enhance my customers’ experience?”. In such a volatile environment and industry, any establishment that wants to succeed for a long time needs something to separate and elevate itself from their competitors.

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