Know Your Pour Costs

Understanding and knowing why your pour cost numbers are what they are is essential to success as a bar operator or manager.Your pour costs are a good sign of your efficiency and success as a bar. For those who aren’t in the know, calculating pour costs is simple. The cost of a drink is divided by the price of the drink. Or, if you need to calculate the total pour costs of your bar, total inventory usage divided by the total sales of your drinks. It’s one thing to just know the numbers, but it’s the interpretation and backstory of these numbers that matter.

man pouring drink from cocktail shaker

For one, these numbers bring financial responsibility. There are ways to bring these numbers down at the point of distribution. For one, the obvious choice is taking advantage of bulk discounts from your distributors. They’re more than willing to offer you a deal if you buy in large amounts. By taking advantage of these, your costs go down and can create a bigger margin for your bar. You can also take these numbers and set a goal pour cost for your business, and get your costs down to where you think they realistically should be. But that isn’t the only way to lower your pour costs. 

Pour cost loss is hard to track. Seeing as the current way of taking inventory is in a snapshot, there’s countless variables that can lead to shrinkage or money loss, and leave you guessing as to how or when it occurred. Did it happen throughout the course of a busy week? Or all at once in a bad shift? These answers may be unclear if you don’t have real time tracking of pours from each bottle. Accurate inventory counting is the best way to keep your pour costs low, and BarMinder can give that to you.

assorted alcoholic drinks

The BarMinder system is leading the way of the new era of digital liquor inventory management. In the 21st century, inventory should not be this hard. We have phones that can talk to space, why are you still walking around with pen and paper counting bottles? Liquor inventory should be easy, in real time, increase profits, and be able to be accessed anytime from anywhere. The BarMinder system does just that. By reducing shrinkage levels and eliminating the labor involved with inventory, staff can focus on the things that matter. Maintaining your pour costs is vital to success. BarMinder makes it happen.

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