Know What Your Customers Are Ordering

In a bar, obviously, cocktails are the money makers. High profit margins and customer favoritism make them the ultimate cash cow. From classics like Old Fashioned’s and Moscow Mules, to new modern drinks like Espresso Martinis, there is no shortage of demand for well made cocktails. Your bartenders and staff are handing out drinks left and right all night in a busy atmosphere, but do you know what’s being ordered? That information can be incredibly valuable to management, and improve your bar’s operations.

For one, it makes it easier to know your customers. Knowing what they like makes menu management easier. If your crowd likes margaritas, it allows you to lead them to other drinks to diversify your cocktail list. Customers will always value interesting twists on classic drinks, and knowing what your customers want makes it much easier to accomplish that. It also breeds customer-staff relationships and loyalty. If your staff knows what your regulars like, they can strike up a conversation or make sure they are recommended things they will like. If you know your customers, loyalty will build organically.

More importantly, knowing what’s being served gives you and your staff the ability to keep up with inventory more efficiently. If you know what’s being ordered, you can keep track of your liquor in the back. You get the visibility you need to order more of the bottles that are being used more often, and cut back on over-ordering the ones that aren’t being used as much. If margaritas are dominating your bar lately, you can order more tequila and cut back on your gin. This info can be found by going through receipts and orders, but that’s tedious and time consuming work. You can get the information on bottles used when you take your weekly inventory, but that’s just a snapshot. That doesn’t tell the entire story properly. 

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BarMinder gives you and your staff that view, in real time. The BarMinder Inventory System tracks every bottle from when it enters the establishment until it goes into the trash. By combining data from the spouts about every drop being poured at the bar with real-time counts of every bottle in storage, BarMinder lets you never have to count another bottle of liquor. Ever. Just slap a sticker to the neck of the bottle and check it into the hub system, your inventory is complete and provided to you in real-time on our hub at your bar or anywhere in the world on your phone. No more incorrect counts, no more hours wasted on counting bottles. You and your staff can focus on caring for customers and enhancing their experience at your establishment.

The BarMinder system is leading the way of the new era of digital liquor inventory management. In the 21st century, inventory should not be this hard. We have phones that can talk to space, why are you still walking around with pen and paper counting bottles? Liquor inventory should be easy, in real time, increase profits, and be able to be accessed anytime from anywhere. The BarMinder system does just that. By reducing shrinkage levels and eliminating the labor involved with inventory, staff can focus on the things that matter. Enhancing the guest experience is vital to success in the bar industry. BarMinder makes it happen.

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