How to Draw a Crowd to Your Bar: The Importance of Social Media

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If you own or operate a bar, you need the locals. The locals are the foundation of any bar that wants to grow into something larger, but it can be hard to gain steam and create regulars. Luckily, in this digital age, social media can reach essentially anyone in your area. Not just any social media usage will do though. If done poorly, your social media page could actually hurt your bar more than anything. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to get your social media base booming and get feet in your door.

1. Utilize the Highlights feature on Instagram. Some people may be looking for a place to get all the info they need about your bar, rather than scrolling through your page looking for what they need. Make sure that info hub is available to them on your Instagram page. By using the highlights feature, you can post menus, drinks, food, and any events you may be having in one central place, making it quick and easy for potential customers to find what they need and encourage them to come in

2. Focus on your specialty cocktails. Those are what brings people in the door. Everyone on your page can probably imagine what your basic drinks and food will look like, but your specialty cocktails are unique to your bar and your bar alone. Showcase them often, and make a point to make new menu additions a big deal. Good photography of your drinks will entice people to come in and get one to see it for themselves.

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3. Hire a third party food photographer. This one is dependent upon the extra cash flow of your bar, so be cautious when doing so. But if you can afford one, the return on investment should be high. The more appealing your food and drinks are online, the easier it makes it for customers to come in and get it themselves. Sometimes regular phone photos don’t quite do the hard work of your cooks and bartenders justice, and the extra flair in the shots a professional photographer can provide can make a world of difference.

4. Partner with a local foodie. Food/drink bloggers are more popular than ever, since anyone can become one with access to a smartphone. Capitalize on them and partner with a local foodie to come in and post about/review your bar. The word of mouth from a trusted online voice can do wonders for your business and patronage, and give your bar a positive reputation.

Running a bar can be challenging, but social media has made things much easier. In years past, all you had was word of mouth. In the new age of business, you can create a brand and image of your bar right from your fingertips. Make it part of your playbook.

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