How to Draw a Crowd: FOMO

If you own or operate a bar, you need the locals. The locals are the foundation of any bar that wants to grow into something larger, but it can be hard to gain steam and create regulars. A good way to get people coming through your doors is to make them feel like they need to. To be compelled so much that they feel as though they have no choice but to come in and spend their money. The best method of doing this is utilizing FOMO to your advantage. The Fear Of Missing Out is a common human instinct, and can create new customers, or just entice some familiar faces to come in again. 

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There are two primary ways to induce FOMO in your potential customer base and get them excited to come in. The first of which is special events within the 4 walls of your restaurant/bar. This can be done by hosting small events like live music, trivia, game watch parties, or adding your bar’s name to the itinerary of a bar crawl. People are always looking for something to do, especially on weeknights where there may not be much happening in comparison to the weekends. These are simple yet effective ideas to encourage people to come in and spend their money. Little events like these build a sense of community amongst bargoers, and give people a chance to connect and build a camaraderie surrounding the culture of your bar.

The second, and most common way to induce FOMO in customers is to implement exclusive deals, menus, and offers. If customers see that they only have a limited amount of time to come in and try something other than your standard menu, it becomes a big draw. A well crafted limited menu can also boost brand loyalty and awareness. In the social media age, regular people are ready and willing to use their digital platform to spread the word about your business, and encourage even more to come in and see what the buzz is about regarding your new menu. When someone sees their friends going to and talking about a bar or restaurant’s new menu, they will feel the need to see what the hype is about.

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Drawing a crowd can be difficult to do, as it is something many bars struggle with. Figuring out the best way to do so for your business can be a chore. For more ideas for how to do it, stay tuned to our blog series on How to Draw a Crowd.

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