Essential Bar Summer Promo Ideas

Summer is upon us. That time of year where the sun is shining, and people are thirsty. Summer is an extremely profitable time for most bars and restaurants, but bars especially. People are hot and willing to come in for a cold crisp cocktail. Because of the nature of the season, people will come through your doors regardless. But that isn’t enough for a bar to reach the heights the owner, management, and staff dream of reaching. A successful bar will do things to set themselves apart from the competition on the block. The best way to do that? Summer promos. Here are a handful of suggestions that potential customers will love, and keep them coming back.

three assorted fruit juice in glasses

une is National Iced Tea month, and June 10th is National Iced Tea Day. This provides a perfect opportunity for a business that sells cold drinks to capitalize. Any sort of promotional deal involving the classic itself, or the Long Island Iced Tea is a great way for customers to come in. Long Islands are already a summertime fan favorite, but offering cheaper ones on a hot day will surely bring in some thirsty crowds. Father’s Day comes in June every year too, which provides ample opportunity for deals. Any sort of special offer for dads that bring in their kids will create camaraderie and appreciation amongst customers, and make it a nice family bonding experience.

Summer has plenty of sports going on as well, with the middle of baseball season and the late playoffs in basketball, and that is a gold mine waiting to be dug into. People will want to have somewhere fun to go to catch a game with a couple drinks. Hosting game night deals and drink promotions will put you at the top of the list of where they want to go, or even just hosting a watch party will do the trick. As long as potential customers know the game will be on with drinks and other people who want to watch it, they will flock to get a seat.

fresh cold pressed juices on a wooden plank

June 21st is the official, calendar date for the first day of summer. So, celebrate that! A promo or deal on tropical, crisp summer drinks is something people will be looking for not just on the 21st, but for the next 2-3 months as well. If you can afford to offer people a limited time seasonal promotion, it will surely be a return on investment. Happy hours are also an in-demand piece of bar culture when the sun starts shining. After a hot summer day, a trip to a local bar for some cheap drinks is a staple for many. Offer a deal that will give them no other option to go anywhere else. No matter which option you choose for your bar, customers will flock to spend some of their summertime in your establishment, as long as they have a reason to. Be creative, and see your profits increase this summer.

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