Culture Means Retention

The last few years have been very hard for restaurants and bars, and especially when it comes to finding staff. There’s a shortage of labor, and the employees you do find often leave for other jobs relatively quickly. While it may seem impossible to remedy this from your position as an owner or manager, there are many things you can do to make changes to your company culture to retain the staff you find, and keep them committed to coming in every day. Culture means retention.

photo of smiling bartender leaning on counter

In this age of staff shortages, potential employees are looking for a boss and management team who care about them and want to make their job easy. Managers and owners can accomplish this in a few different ways. Most potential hires are seeking good PTO offers, flexible schedule availability, and a laid out career path. By offering these benefits to both your new and current employees, you are making them feel like their job can be a second home, and feel like they are valued and rewarded for their hard work. Another way management can do this from their office is by implementing rules and systems where employees can give feedback or suggestions to management and ownership to make their voices heard and considered. Giving input on how operations should run or how something should be changed is a vital part of upkeeping an inclusive culture in your business, and how you can make your employees feel as though they are part of something bigger than their job.

The other way ownership or management can retain employees is by automating the tedious time consuming tasks that plague your staff and waste their time. It’s 2022, some of the ways operations are conducted in bars are archaic, and can be done much more quickly and efficiently. The primary one being liquor inventory. Your liquor inventory likely takes your employees a few hours, and can get disorganized and done sloppily with them having to do so many different other things during the course of their shift. Implementing a liquor inventory system that can handle your inventory quickly and efficiently is a must. That’s where BarMinder can help.

black and white alcohol bar barkeeper

The BarMinder system is leading the way of the new era of digital liquor inventory management. In the 21st century, inventory should not be this hard. We have phones that can talk to space, why are you still walking around with pen and paper counting bottles? Liquor inventory should be easy, in real time, increase profits, and be able to be accessed anytime from anywhere. The BarMinder system does just that. By reducing shrinkage levels and eliminating the labor involved with inventory, staff can focus on the things that matter. Enhancing the guest experience is vital to success in the bar industry. BarMinder makes it happen.

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