Creating Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty can single handedly keep business afloat. Being able to rely on a steady customer base who will continuously come back gives not only peace of mind, but big profits as well. Any bar or restaurant that wants to succeed needs this more than any other industry though. With profit margins so low, consistent customer flow is necessary. How this happens though, is a different question.

In a bar or restaurant, there are two things that will keep customers constantly satisfied, and willing to come back again and again. The first of which is customer treatment. If they’re ignored or put lower on the priority totem pole during their stay, even if the food and drinks are good, they likely won’t come back. Your staff needs to have the ability to keep a watchful eye for any mistakes, complaints, or questions that may impact the customer experience. They also need to be able to make sure things are cleanly and kept up to date, leaving the customer with a positive memory and experience in their time spent there.

a waiter serving a cup of coffee

Your staff needs the time to be attentive to your customer base. Give it to them.

The other dynamic that keeps customers loyal is quality and consistency of product. Every bar or restaurant needs to make sure each plate and drink that’s being served is high quality and consistent. Nothing undercooked, nothing overpoured, everything tasting the same. If food and drinks are inconsistent, some customers will only come in on days certain staff are in, or may just skip the trip inside altogether. After all, the paying customer expects high quality for their dollar, and they should get it.

Finding time to do either one of these two things alone can be a challenge for any business, let alone both. Time is a precious resource in the bar and restaurant industry, and there have previously not been many solutions to the problem. Until BarMinder. BarMinder is a digital liquor inventory platform that combines automatic counts of bottles in storage with wireless spouts that accurately measure pours to provide a complete picture of what’s happening in any bar. Combining wireless pour spout technology with accurate full bottle tracking, the BarMinder system frees up time for staff to focus on creating loyal customers and consistent experiences.

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